LHOWSF Charities






The Jefferson Township Animal Pound is a local shelter holds up to 20-25 cats in the main cat room, and 8-9 dogs in a separate area. The animal shelterhas used previous years’ donations to build a quarantine room and will continue to expand services to help keep animals safe and healthy until they are adopted.

STPCAssoc_buttonThe Southern Tier Police Canine Association, Inc., (STPCA) founded in 1984, is a private non-profit association dedicated to the training of police dogs and their handlers from throughout the state of New York and beyond.  The STPCA is funded by membership fees and private donations. These funds are used to purchase K-9’s for training and for the purchase, maintenance and replacement of equipment used in training.

11HRRescuebuttonEleventh Hour Rescue is a volunteer based, non profit, 501c3 organization that literally saves dogs from death row. Eleventh Hour Rescue is made up of dedicated individuals who believe that innocent pets deserve love and a place to live where they are honored and cared for. No dog deserves to die simply because it does not have a home. We rescue dogs at their Eleventh Hour–when they are scheduled to be put to death by shelters that can no longer care for them. We give the dogs all the medical attention they require, a place to live, and through our adoption services, a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life. We are affiliated with many like-minded animal groups throughout the United States.