Tom Wear Memorial Swim

LHOWSF_LOGOThe Lake Hopatcong Open Water Swim Festival began as a charity event to honor one of Lake Hopatcong’s most well-known businessmen, Tom Wear, owner of one of the marinas on Lake Hopatcong and the Wearhouse Grille restaurant who passed away in 2008. Bridgette Hobart-Janeczko, an avid open water swimmer established an open water swim to honor Tom. The first Tom Wear Memorial Swim took place in 2009, with over 100 swimmers taking place in quarter mile and one mile races and swimmers ranging from their early teens to their late 70s.

About Tom Wear
Tom was born on October 19, 1949 in Morristown, NJ and raised in Denville. He graduated from Morris Knolls High School in 1968 and went on to obtain a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Arizona State University. Tom purchased Prospect Point Marina at the age of 28 and went on to make a success of himself in the Marina business. He subsequently purchased a marina on Brady Road that was nicknamed Marina X as he could not quite decide on a proper name. In 2000 The Wearhouse Grille was opened and has been a successful restaurant in Lake Hopatcong. In 2008, Tom Wear passed away following a seven-month battle with a brain infection. Tom had great vision, was an incredible businessman and was a well known and respected member of the community in Lake Hopatcong. We continue to honor Tom Wear through the 1 Mile Tom Wear Memorial Swim.